Friday, October 10, 2014

I'm Gonna Be - The Proclaimers!

Guess who has walked 500 miles!!! that's right..... ME!  Using my FitBit Pedometer to track my miles and steps I hit 500 miles yesterday :)  Only took me 6 months to get there, but I did it!  Best miles in a day 10.7 miles, best steps 26, 975

So my theme song today is by The Proclaimers : I'm Gonna Be
Click the link to hear the song!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Not yet done with the Azores

Back to some photos of the Azores folks!  These are photos from Miradouro do Ribeiro Seco.... that's a mouthful! it's from here on the island of Faial that you can see across to Pico island and get a glimpse of Pico mountain.... as long as it isn't socked in with cloud cover!  On this day we did get a "peek" of Pico mountain.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

3.5 Day Celebration

I just spent a fun 3.5 days in Las Vegas with Diane to celebrate her birthday!  What an absolute blast!  We walked a total of 25 miles ... Friday alone was 9.7 miles!
Our hotel "The Venetian" was lovely - our suite was gorgeous :)  we walked, ate, drank, gambled, did touristy stuff and took in a show!  The weather was spectacular - 34C - yeah baby!
For now here is a quick look - I'll post some more later :)

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Belated Birthday Wishes.... to me!

'Da Bitches' surprised me with a belated birthday surprise! It was so lovely!

Thank you everyone for the amazing tea pot, I feel like real royalty now :)
Soozeeque, thanks for baking the scrummy Apfel Kucken, Sue F, thanks for hosting and the "bitchin'" chocolate cake.

It was such a great afternoon and Miriam was here from Germany too! it was so nice to see her again. I enjoyed our time together and sipping pink champagne... ooh la la! LOL 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Casa Figueira - Faial

We found the most amazing place to stay on Faial!  Casa Figueira only 22km from Horta - our hosts were absoluting amazing and the 3 dogs were the friendliest, bounciest pups around.  Not pups really, but they sure had that energy! We really didn't want to leave our little cottage.... the views from the patio are stunning! Everything that you could possible need is in the cottage, it's clean, comfortable, access to free WiFi and most importantly - relaxing!

This is the best place to stay if you want quiet, relaxing, self catering, amazing views and friendly hosts.  You won't find anything better! I guarantee it :)  I know we'll be going back....


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Trilho Da Levada - Faial

During our stay on the island of Faial we rented a quaint and lovely cottage - our hosts Roland and Iris are fabulous!  Roland, invited us to join him and the 3 dogs for a walk along the Trilho Da Levada.  What a lovely area! quite literally, we were walking in the clouds, through tunnels, in forest, in cow fields and along narrow bridges.  The change of landscape along the entire walk was amazing!
The tunnels are pitch black - Roland had a head lamp to guide us through... we literally walked through a mountain.  You can hear the relaxing sound of water all along the walk, see amazing flora and listen to the birds.  It was quite lovely, we only did a part of the trail, mind you that was 2 hours long... you can do much more.  We stopped when we reached the landslide area - after the 1998 earthquake part of the landscape gave way down the slopes - surprisingly, it is part of the trail.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Muhler de Capote - Liqueur Factory

What a wonderful highlight of the holiday.  Visiting the Liqueur factory in Ribeira Grande, on Sao Miguel.  It was founded in 1993 and uses all the natural resources of the Azores to create its liqueurs.

I was so thrilled to see how things were made and have a sampling of the natural fruit liqueurs and brandys.

The main products: “Ezekiel`s” Passion Fruit Liqueur (a milestone in the history and culinary traditions of the Azores and winner of six gold medals for its international quality), “Queen of the Islands” Cream Liqueur, a high quality Anisette Liqueur and variety of natural fruit liqueurs of the Azores Islands - the Passion Fruit Brandy is amazing!

 One minor downfall of "back packing" we didn't have room to bring back some of the larger sized items that are bottled in handmade ceramic bottles that represent the Azores :(   These were gorgeous! Don't worry though, we did bring back some smaller bottles to remind us of our tasting tour, they're just not in these amazing ceramic bottles.