Saturday, August 26, 2006

Here's a Scary Thought

Christmas is 17 weeks away! I know it seems like it's so far away but I was thinking, wow! next weekend in Labour Day... it's time for me to organize my scrapbooking projects for the fall/winter and get thinking about what "scrapcrafty" gifts I'll make and take stock of what I have on hand to make our Christmas cards. I've got scrapbook classes & crops to organize as well!

So I took out my handy daytimer, it's like a bible to me and something I can't live without! and started making my action plan for all the things I want to do to prepare for the holiday season. Scary isn't it?

I'm one of those 'way too organized' people and let's face it I'm a control freak! and I need to feel like I've got the holiday season under control well in advance. I tend to get things finished well in advance so that I can enjoy the holidays without the added stress.

I also have that little extra push with DH's family in Germany. I want to get things done, packaged and shipped by the end of October. Canada Post's deadline for international shipping is November 3rd!

So step 1 Action Plan is done :)
I'll tackle step 2 next week - Take stock of what I have for my projects & cards.

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