Friday, September 15, 2006

A Great Day Off!

Yippee! I had the day off on Friday and had a wonderful day! Mom & dad came by in the morning and we went shopping for baby items. We loaded up! LOL it was such fun and I had a hard time deciding on an outfit... there are so many cute things out there.

I took mom & dad out for lunch and made one more stop on our way over to Rob & Kerry's to see Kate for the first time! I had to get something for the proud new parents...and they love chocolate! So Kerry got her own box of chocolate and I bought Robert some chocolate cigars to take into work next week.

Kate is so adorable and cute! Okay so maybe I'm biased but who isn't?! LOL We had a lovely visit with the "new family" and left them after an hour so they could get some rest. I'm happy that we had a chance to see them... now we'll give them some time to settle down at home and get into a routine.

Norbert & I went out to dinner with mom & dad in the evening and had a great visit. We've made plans to go to the island for Thanksgiving. Another item off my list! I made the ferry reservations this morning :) woo hoo!

What a great way to spend a Friday!

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