Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I've been Tagged!

It all started with Jan! LOL she tagged Wendy and now Wendy has tagged me!

5 Weird Things About Me:

1). I can't stand to lay in bed... once I'm awake I get up immediately!

2). I hate cold/lukewarm coffee... it has to be piping hot so if it cools down too much in the cup I'll microwave it until it's piping hot!

3). I have a memory for dates/calendars... I can tell you what day of the week a certain date is where I'll be and what's going on!

4). The toilet roll has to 'roll' in a certain direction. If someone puts it the wrong way I'll change it!

5). I prefer to read my books while I'm soaking in a bubble bath! LOL :)

Okay that's me.... Jadranka... Tag your it!

1 comment:

jadranka said...

ha ha! ok now it's my turn
1- i can remember phone numbers for a loooong time once i've dialed them
2- when i receive a gift or buy something new, like soap, candles or wine...I cannot use them for ages - i just like to look at them and have them around for a looong time
3-i have to wash my hands immediately after pumping gas/touching the gas station pump-eeeeeew!
4- if i make peanut butter and jelly toast, the jars must be closed up and put away before I can eat the toast
5- when i weigh myself, in the morning, i have to even brush my hair before stepping on the scale, i guess removing air molecules that might weigh me down and affect the number on the scale. isn't that weird!!?? LOL
- Ann - tag you're it!! :)