Monday, October 30, 2006

A Productive Weekend

I managed to get quite a few things done this weekend, I was quite the busy bee! (Wendy you'd be proud of me!)

  • Grocery shopping (we can eat this week!)
  • Laundry (we've got clean clothes!)
  • Watered plants (they love me again!)
  • Cleaned our abode (oooh it looks lovely)
  • Made holiday mincemeat for the Mince Tarts (yummy!)
  • Made a list of holiday baking to do!(the freezer will be full!)
  • Went for a stroll in the neighbourhood (it was a lovely weekend!)
  • Finished making the holiday cards (yippee!)
  • Updated address list & printed out mailing labels for the holiday cards!(this made addressing the envelopes so much easier!)
  • Wrote the holiday cards and stuffed into the pre-addressed envelopes (yes, I just need to stamp and mail on December 1st!)
  • Called long distance family members (everyone is well!)
  • Planned our trip to Kelowna (we're flying up on Nov.17th for the weekend to celebrate my SIL's 40th birthday!)
  • Went out to a lovely Sunday dinner with DH & a friend at the Fish House in Stanley Park (we had a fabulous meal!)
That was my weekend!

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