Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November is here!

Wow! November 1st... okay so where did the last 10 months go? When I was younger I'd wish that time would go by more quickly... now that I'm older time is going much too quickly! Someone make it stop!!

As I look at the month ahead I can see it's going to be another busy month for us. It's only the first day and we've got a number of things on the calendar already. I'm certain it will fill up more as the days progress.

  • Five birthdays are on the calendar this month!
  • Wine Tasting Party! (oh yeah baby!)
  • Circle Craft Fair (my favorite holiday fair).
  • Mom & dad visit next week for four days.
  • We fly off to Kelowna to visit DH's family mid-month.
  • Christmas shopping!!
  • Scrapbooking workshops
  • Music Lecture
  • Music Concert
  • Candle Party
  • Holiday Season Kick off dinner
It will be December before I know it!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your a busy woman.

I have a crop on the 25th too!

Good Luck