Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday Baking

I made the butter & mince tarts last night :) DH was the taste tester and apparently they passed the test... the trick now is to hide them away so he doesn't eat them all before the family arrives on Saturday! LOL :) Things feel pretty under control and a good thing too! I've got a busy social calendar this week along with finishing off some work! I've been practicing my Christmas carols too! LOL No! not singing that would be just too scary... but practicing the piano & flute so that the rest of the family can sing to their hearts content. Friday I'll clean the apartment and put the final touches around the place and then that's it! My parents arrive on Saturday :)!!


Shell said...

oh bugger your DH eating them...; I want to know where my plate of them is! Oh yes I could make them.. but why.. when you could send them to me *LOL*

I love mince tarts!

I actually bought a packet back from the UK from that wonderful bakery I visited.. but there are only 6 - I don't think that is enough ;-)

Izzy said...

If I could figure a way to send some your way Shell I would! ;) I don't think they'd pass the border inspection LOL!

scrap3mom said...

Those look YUMMY!!!!!! I'll start baking on Thursday. Looking forward to it!!