Thursday, December 14, 2006

Since 1992....

I first made holiday peanut brittle back in the 1980's. I'd take tins of it to work to share with colleagues.

My new friend & colleague, Ann, was amazed that it was homemade... she commented that she'd "never be able to do that"! The following year I convinced her it was easy to make and invited her to my house to make peanut brittle. She was thrilled with her success! and we had some great laughs.

Making peanut brittle with Ann has become the "Annual Pasta Dinner, Red Wine, Peanut Brittle making night". We were reminiscing last night and realized we've been doing this every year since 1992!

So here is my layout for the challenge... my 5 pound batch of peanut brittle!


Breeze said...

I Love Love love this layout.
The colors are perfect, it has just the right balance.

How cute are the two of you, working away. You sure have a lot of traditions with people in your life.

You are very blessed my friend

BTW: I love peanut brittle

scrap3mom said...

This looks very fun!!