Thursday, December 21, 2006

Time for Fun!

I'm all set for the holidays! Yippee!! and last night I spent some time with my friend Anne-Marie. I made Thai food for dinner and we sipped crantinis and white wine! What a combination! LOL

I met Anne-Marie through scrapbooking this September and was pleasantly surprized to learn that she lives only 5 minutes down the road from me.

We carpool to various crops & retreats and have a great laugh. She spent some time in my 'new scrapbook area' last night checking it out, admiring the new set up and making sure there was room for her to come over to crop! LOL We'll be giving the new space a test run in the New Year!


Shell said...

*lol*.. looking at how ROSY your cheeks are in that photo Mz Izz - you had quite a few crantinis ;-)

Wendy said...

I need to know what's in those crantinis. You look so HAPPY!

How cool is that to have a new Scrap Friend so close by.

Happy Holidays to you!!!