Saturday, December 09, 2006

We Survived!

Well the move is over! Yahoo! now comes the fun part... unpacking and decorating for the holiday season :)

The move went reasonably well, the movers were fabulous and were going like gang busters until.... the 2nd elevator broke down! :0 Since the elevator we were using for the move was now the only one available for a 19 floor complex, we lost exclusive use of our 'moving elevator' for the last couple of hours of the move. No worries though! we did it and I'm sitting amongst the boxes.

DH got our computers up and running! LOL computer guys... what can I say, they have a one track mind. We laughed at each other in the late afternoon, the only thing we agreed on as a priority was getting the bed set up to sleep in.

DH priorities: Bed, Computers, Stereo Equipment
Izzy's priorities: Bed, Kitchen, Bathroom!

I think mine made more sense!LOL Bed to sleep in, kitchen so we can eat and have coffee in the morning and well a bathroom.... that's pretty self explanatory don't you think!

On Thursday evening I met my friends for our annual "Holiday Spa Treatment & Dinner Out" . Instead of exchanging gifts with each other we spend an evening together at the spa and then go out to dinner! It's such a great time!

I took my photos for the past couple of days and yes! even amongst the boxes with coffee at my side.... I digi scrapped them this morning at 5am!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


Jan said...

Congratulations on the successful day! Now, good luck with the unpacking!!!

Jan said...

PS. Meant to say ... love your layouts!! You are amazing to have them done and be in the middle of moving!