Monday, January 15, 2007

Amazing Weekend!

The retreat to Timberline Ranch was so amazing! I had a fabulous time, regardless of the -13 Celcius temperatures at night! We had beautiful clear skies for the horseback riding too!

The lodge building we were in was great! Three levels... basement level was our cropping room, it had a stunning stone fireplace and we had that baby going all weekend! The second level was the dining hall (also had a fireplace). Snacks, coffee, tea, & other beverages available 24 hours. And the food was amazing! Our cook did an outstanding job feeding us, it was so good! Level three was the sleeping quarters/showers etc. It was so nice to be able to have everything in one building and not have to trek in the snow from one building to another!

I scrapbooked my heart out. I crashed at 1:30am the first night... had four hours sleep, got up at 5:30am and started again! I lasted until 2:30am the second night and got up at 6:30am Sunday. So I basically had 8 hours sleep in a 48 hours period. Some of the girls didn't go to bed at all on Saturday night... just kept going and going! I wouldn't have been able to concentrate without any sleep.

So here are a couple of photos for you... ranch scenes and me on my horse, Bailey.

Have a great week!


Wendy said...

Look at you on a horse.

Glad you had a good time.

Sometimes you do need a lot of ME time. I could scrap and scrap and scrap at those things.

The snow is beautiful.

Now back to reality

Shell said...

looks fantastic! Very like where my retreats are - (well without the snow *lol*) it is so nice to be away from it all isn't it - and yes I always come home to catch up on sleep cos there is never much!