Friday, March 16, 2007


Do you know who this is?

If you do you'll be happy to know that I visited Buttenheim - the birthplace of Levi Strauss.

Yes you guessed it - the man that created those comfy, live in them, sleep in them, party in them blue jeans!! I'm wearing my favorite pair right now.

The inventor of the blue jeans was born, in the year 1829 and spent his childhood and youth in Buttenheim. At the age of 18, Levi emigrated to America. He created a trading firm for materials and other goods in San Francisco. Together with the cutter Jacob Davis from Reno in 1873 - Levi obtained a patent for riveted work trousers. Levi's were born! Levi passed away in 1902 and still Levi Jeans are manufactured and worn all over the world. There is no brand name more well-know than Levi's.

His childhood home in Buttenheim is still standing and is now a museum of about his life and of course there is a small shop downstairs too. Across the street from the house is a larger Levi Store where you can shop to your hearts content.

Buttenheim is a quaint little place and just happened to be the place where my new friend Marianna was also born & raised. Her mother and brother still live in Buttenheim just two houses down from the Levi House.

Besides Levi Strauss there are several other interesting buildings and a lovely church Pfarrkirche St. Bartholomäus in Buttenheim to visit. The countryside in this area is stunning... well worth it if you just want to go for a short afternoon drive along the country roads and have an easy stroll around the village.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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