Friday, April 13, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well I've returned from my "adventurous" journey to Edmonton, Alberta.

It was very cool on Monday when I arrived at -1 degree Celsius and it snowed! on Monday evening and all day Tuesday while I was there, oh joy! Fortunately the weather turned to glorious sunshine on Wednesday and Thursday but it was still very cool out.

What's going on with the planet and our weather, it's so weird everywhere. I know they keep telling us it's global change and all that jazz but this is just ridiculous!

The family in Germany tell me that it is still sunny and 20 degrees Celsius in their part of the world... that's normal for their summer not spring! It's summer like weather in all of western Europe. I think I'll pack my bags and head back there. LOL

I've returned to cool temperatures and more rain here in Vancouver ((sigh)) I think I'll trade in the car for a submarine at this rate!

The Vancouver Canucks (our NHL hockey team) managed to win their first game in the first round of playoffs. Geez ... it only took a full 3 period game, at which time the game was tied at 4 - 4 and then an additional 4 overtime periods!! before they managed to score and win the game 5 - 4. Talk about a long game! The second game of the series is on tonight.... GO Canucks GO !!

I'll be taking some time to relax today and over the weekend. I'm babysitting my niece today.... Auntie Izzy is on duty while mommy studies for her exam. My brother is away on a business trip so I'm lending a hand. Then I plan to spend some time scrapbooking on Saturday, my Germany album is coming along very nicely :) On Sunday my friend Ann is coming over for brunch and a visit. Then it's back to the ol' grind stone on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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