Tuesday, May 01, 2007

National Scrapbook Day just around the corner

NSD is just around the corner... this Saturday, May 5th to be exact! and if any of you are die hard scrappers you've already made arrangements to participate in one of the thousands of events that will be held on Saturday all around the world. I'm going to an event on Saturday and looking forward to seeing my friends & customers there!

I've also started to sort through some of my supplies in preparation for a Spring Cleaning Sale on June 2nd! My LSS is selling tables for $10 (great deal!) so you can sell or trade scrapbooking supplies at their store from 11am-3pm. I had fun sorting through old eyelets/brads/paper etc. and then started packaging things up in themes. Now I just have to come up with a bargain price that will attract shoppers! I've got a month to sort this all out... but I won't leave it all the the last minute!

I'm on a roll with the challenge, here's another page from Graham and Trish's visit. When it's all done I'm going to have it printed into a mini book and send it to them ;)

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