Sunday, May 27, 2007

An unexpected visit

My brother and the baby came for an unexpected visit early Saturday afternoon. Kate is growing so quickly! and now I've got more photos to scrapbook :) 18 photos in a 1 hour visit... geez, you'd think I was addicted to photography and scrapbooking! LOL

The rest of our day was pretty normal... the usual chores in the morning and then we enjoyed a lovely walk along Jericho Beach later in the afternoon.

I have to spend some time today gathering the rest of my supplies and pricing them for the LSS sale next Saturday. I've got a table booked and not all my supplies are priced yet!... better get on it!

As well DH and I plan (if it doesn't start to rain) to head out the Queen Elizabeth Park this afternoon to see the newly renovated Celebration Pavilion. The construction was part of the seismic upgrading for the GVRD's covered reservoirs located there. The new plaza encompasses a 1.2 hectare area including 7 covered Tai Chi arbours, the 1,000 sq ft Celebration Pavilion and a fabulous dancing fountain - recirculating 85,000 litres of water through 70 jets. Henry Moore's imposing sculpture Knife Edge – Two Piece, a gift to the Park Board from Prentice Bloedel in 1969, has been elevated to a more prominent position adjacent to the fountains.

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