Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Whine about Wine

I recently read an article that made me fall off my chair. British Columbia has the highest wine consumption in Canada, not surprising really since we have some fabulous vineyards in this country.

That's not why I fell off the chair... What knocked me over was the statistic provided in the article... BC has one of the highest government mark ups in the world at a whopping 117% on wine.
It's not a misprint..117%!!! Doesn't the government get enough tax dollars out of us without having to over tax on wine!

Abstaining from wine is not likely to happen in this household. I like to try various grapes, regions and countries, but I was feeling a tad guilty that I've not been purchasing BC wines of late.... but after reading this article I don't feel one shred of guilt about purchasing world wines.

Argentina and Spain are my top two favorite countries for red wine. If you're daring and want to try a fantastic Argentinian Malbec - try LoTengo - a full bodied rich fruity wine that has a whack of personality. Great value at only $10 per bottle and from Spain - the Artazuri, Garnacha, Navarra DO - it's bursting with raspberry flavor and quite earthy too! Another great value at $15 per bottle.

Summer is just around the corner (I hope) and sometimes a lovely white in the summer sun hits the right spot.

From Germany - try the 2004 Rudolf Muller, Riesling/Chardonnay. It's a unique blend that has a surprising finish. You'll like the orchard fruit flavor and it's price only $10!

From South Africa - the Obikwa, Sauvignon Blanc - it's light and refreshing - the perfect patio partner this summer and mixes well if you've got White Wine Spritzers planned. Another great value at $12.


Shell said...

umm excuse me!! I think there should be some New Zealand wines in that list ;-)

and NZ is the same with tax on alcohol - it is killer!

Jan said...