Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

I headed over to Vancouver Island Thursday after work for a visit with my parents this past weekend. We had such a wonderful time!

Friday... mom and I went shopping in Qualicum Beach and enjoyed lunch at the Red Radish. The lunch was so delicious! Later that afternoon I crawled up into the loft with my father and we cleared out several of my old boxes that I had at the house in storage. Mom was at the foot of the ladder receiving the items I wanted to take home and the junk we were tossing out. Boy oh boy! I had forgotten what the heck was in the boxes and as we started to open it was a major rush of memories. A treasure for sure.... my high school graduation dress that mom had made for me! It's out of the loft now and hanging in the cupboard at mom's house.

Saturday was a spectacular day with an early start. We headed over to Salmon Beach to check out Graham & Trish's property.

We enjoyed a picnic a little walk around and glorious weather! Afterwards we headed to Tofino so that I could have a look around the Native Art Galleries. I was on the hunt for a unique Canadian wedding gift to take with us to Germany in July. I scored! I'm really thrilled with the gifts I purchased. The three of us then had dinner in the pub on the waterfront before driving home.

The biggest thrill of Saturday.... four black bear sightings! The first one I saw on the side of the road down the bank having breakfast. The second one was up a small bank... again.. chewing on his food. He was a big one! The third was down on the roadside as well.... but the fourth! Oh my what an amazing sighting. Dad saw the bear on the shore of the river as we were driving down the hill, we were fortunate to have a pull out so we stopped the car and got out. The bear headed for the river and went in for a swim. We watched him swim across the river over to our side of the bank. He was spectacular... it's the first time I've seen a bear swim! They always seem to be eating when I spot them, but this time was amazing!

On Sunday we went up to Coombs Country Market to do a little shopping and had a coffee before I had to dash off to catch a ferry home.

It was a great weekend! Enjoy the photos ;)


Jan said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!! Great pictures

Wendy said...

I swear I am coming to visit someday, so you can take me to all these wonderful places.

Sounds like you had a great weekend