Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Glorious Time

Our Canada Day long weekend was wonderful! We headed out to Valdez Island with our friends Ann & Rob on Friday afternoon and returned very late on Monday evening.

To all my American blogging friends... Happy July 4th! I hope you have a wonderful day:)

Home away from home for a few days... no phones, no tv, no electricty and no plumbing! It's perfect! Did I mention NO CARS! Since there are no roads, you either have to boat over to Valdez or go over on the float plane.

We all take turns cooking meals on the old wood stove. I'm always the first up in the morning so I get the stove going and put on the coffee and tea. Then I cook up
a huge breakfast!

It's a glorious view! and so peaceful to just sit on the deck, read a book, enjoy a "bevvie" and listen to the ocean waves on the rocks. The family of otters were playing around again this year. It's a family of seven this time and momma was watchful of her two babies! They're so cute and playful.

We relax, fly a kite, sing some songs, play horseshoes and generally just do as we please!

Sunset at Valdez!


Shell said...

ooh Izzy - looks like a fantastic place!! What fun!! Although we are freezing here in NZ with it being mid winter - we are still having a blast!

Rach said...

Beautiful location but roughing it is NOT my bag. Glad you had fun! Have an even better time in Germany! I can't wait to see photos from there!

Wendy said...

OK, If I had know about all that no elec, phone, tv, if you could add no kids, I would have joined you! LOL

Looks like the most fantastic view from the porch. Take lots of pices. And relax, relax, relax...

And good luck with that NO Plumbing thing.. EEKK!

Jan said...

Wow! Sounds amazing!!! and Quiet!! You look so rested out there reading!