Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Is it time yet?!

I'm so excited, I hope I can sleep tonight! We're all packed (except for last minute items) and I managed to get in some relax time and have lunch with a friend & her daughter today :) I had my manicure and pedicure yesterday afternoon and first thing in the a.m. I'm off to get a hair cut before jumping into a taxi.

I was on the phone with the family in Germany and they're just as excited as we are... they're counting down to our arrival and the wedding! Sounds like the bride and groom are getting nervous & excited all at once... they met with the priest on Monday to sort out some details... reality is sinking in. LOL Uncle Uwe and Aunt Dyan arrived from Lafayette LA safely... we're the last long distance guests to arrive.

I also spoke to my 2nd cousin Graham, in the UK... we're going to miss seeing them in the UK because they are flying here to Canada & arriving on the 22nd of July... we arrive in London on the 23rd! No worries though, we'll see Graham and Trish in August, they're staying in Canada until the 25th of August.

Big news for my brother and his family. He's received a wonderful promotion at work and they're moving to Victoria!! It's a wonderful opportunity and things have been a whirlwind at their home for the past couple of weeks.... back and forth to Victoria (it's only a couple of hours away by ferry, or mere minutes if you fly!) they've bought a house and will be moving at the beginning of August! It will be sad for me not to be able to pop in for tea and visit with my Brother, SIL and Niece but Victoria is gorgeous, the opportunity for my brother is great, my SIL can stay at home with Kate (no need to worry about going back to work after her mat leave is over) and she can continue with her part time studies.....and will give me another excuse to travel over to that end of Vancouver Island for a visit.

Lots of plans when I return too, so it's going to be a couple of fun filled months around here!


Jan said...

Have a wonderfully safe trip!!!! Can't wait to hear about it, and see your pictures!!

Donna said...

Hope you're enjoying your trip Izzy! HEY! I check the MM blog all the time and YOU won a prize! Congrats and go check it out!