Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bizzy Izzy...

Stamp Club on Saturday morning at Sue's.
-out the door at 9:00 am
- picked up SooZeeQue on the way. It was so lovely to see her, it's been weeks since we've seen each other. Her recovery from the nasty spill she took in May is going slow and steady. It was nice to have her at the stamp club creating cards again.
- created four lovely cards, here is my favorite.- after the stamp club, went to pick up a few groceries.
- worked on one of my designs for POTP (sneek peek)
- Saturday evening DH and I went to the local pub for dinner (I really didn't feel like cooking!)

- Sunday finished the design for POTP
- prep'd veggies etc. for Sunday dinner.
- here's my new favorite kitchen gadget! an over the sink cutting board with a removable strainer. It's great! Wash, chop, remove strainer, push stuff into the garb orator. Less mess! - checked online flight arrival schedule for my arriving family. left the house at 3pm since the flight was due in at 3:30pm
- stood at the international arrivals gate watching the arrivals board. at 3:50pm they posted that the flight was delayed until 5:15!! WHAT! okay so I was a little peeved they didn't update it sooner. Man alive! so I sauntered up to the pub and had a beer while I waited.
- Flight finally arrives and I scooped up Graham and Trish quickly and dashed home.
- Exhausted after 12 hours of traveling but G&T were in good spirits. We had a lovely Sunday dinner. I baked a side of salmon on a cedar plank, we had tomato & bocancini salad, new potatoes and fresh green beans! Yummy!
- G&T lasted until 10pm and then crashed for the night!

- Monday morning was casual not too hurried. After breakfast G&T and I wandered down to Granville Island market for a tour around and then stopped in at Bridges for a glass of wine and some nachos.
- then off to the ferry terminal so they could catch the 2:30pm ferry to mom & dad's.
- I had an evening dinner out at Tropika with my friend Ann. Originally supposed to have a b-day celebration dinner for Helen with Ann & I but Helen called and had thrown out her back!! ((sigh)) Hopefully she'll be better soon and we can reschedule her b-day celebration. Tropika is now Ann's new favorite place :) It's the best Indonesian/Malaysian restaurant in town.
This week, back to work until Thursday night then Graham and Trish will be back here on Thursday evening. They'll be house/kitty sitting for us while we're away for the long weekend. I'll be getting things ready for our long weekend away to Valdes Island with Ann & Rob. We're taking off early on Friday morning and returning on Tuesday evening. I'm so looking forward to the trip!


Sue said...

Holy Moly, bizzy Izzy is right!

Wendy said...

I have no idea how you do all you do. You seem to manage pretty good. Hope you enjoy your time with your family and have a great time on your trip. Can't wait to see all the pictures, you always seem to get some great ones!!

Anonymous said...

You have been busy!!! Enjoy your long weekend away!

Jan said...

Whew, I'm tired just reading it all! LOL!!

Jo said...

Do you ever sit still??? i cant wait to see what you did with the POTP kit!