Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Time is full!

Well the calendar, as usual, is filling up with all sorts of summer time fun!

I attended my Scrapaholics Club meeting last night and we had a great time. We've got so much planned for the next 5 months (yes we've planned out to December) everything from swaps to crops! I'm really excited about the upcoming events we have planned. It's such a fun group of ladies and I've made some great friends in this group over the past two years.

We will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary as a club on August 23rd and have planned an anniversary crop for mid-September to mark the milestone.

Last year we called our 1st anniversary event the "Crop-A-Que" we organized a crop with a BBQ lunch... this year I've posted a contest on our message board to come up with a name for the 2nd anniversary event, in the hopes that we can come up with a more permanent name for future anniversaries. There have been some really good suggestions so far.... but we're looking for more! If you've got some ideas please post them in the comments here for me :)

As for my scrapbooking schedule.... I'm going to several crops and special events and have booked myself out to November!! I've even signed up for a Christmas Card Swap already!!! OMGosh.... okay I admit it... I'm addicted. I need Scrapatherapy for my Scrapaholic addiction. LOL :) but truly it is so much fun, I cannot express to you in enough words how amazing the art of scrapbooking truly is to me and how many wonderfully creative people I have met through this art.

One of the LSS newsletters arrived in my inbox this morning and I'm so thrilled that they've recently partnered with Polka Dot Potato! Woo Hoo!! If you're looking for more info visit Photo Express.

Besides scrapbooking - DH & I have several summer time plans and my cousin Graham & Trish will be arriving from the UK for a holiday on July 27th. They'll be here until the end of August. We have summer BBQ's with friends planned, office picnics, annual fireworks competition, trip to Valdez with Ann & Rob, Dynapro Reunion, family to visit etc. the summer just isn't long enough!

We've finally had really nice summer weather too... hope it lasts! I'll leave you with this digi magazine cover layout :) It's a photo I took from St. Paul's Catherdral in London last July! Has it really been a year since we were in Germany and England?? Time flys when you're having fun!


Shell said...

helloooo!! You just came up with a great name yourself


Wendy said...

WOW you have really got it together, in your spare time could you squeeze in a visit to get me straightend out?

Hey, Don't forget our photo & layout a Day in December, Are we doin that again this year?

Time goes by too fast my friend, enjoy every minute of it!

Miss You!

Jan said...

Wow! You're always on the ball with your schedule. I'm in awe of your organization! : )

Love the photo!!! It really looks like it should be a mag. cover! Very nice!