Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What the...?

wonder what this is? it's a "toe toque"! specially designed just for my little toes! LOL

I spent my first day alone at home yesterday, Norbert went back to work after caring for me for two weeks... I think he was really glad to go back for the change of pace! Looking after "the gimp" is hard work. :)

After dinner last night, Norbert was kind enough to take me out for a small walk in the neighborhood so I could get some fresh air. We made sure I was bundled up from head to toe, which is how we came up with the "toe toque". I had to take a photo, it was too funny!

Vancouverites....Batten down the hatches, find the gum boots, rain gear, dingys, oars, life preservers and anything else that will help keep you afloat.... we're in for a few days of heavy rain! on top of all this snow.... we're going to have some 'instant lakes' appearing and floods everywhere. Be careful out there.

I'm so glad I got out last night, looks like I'll be cooped up inside for a few days until the rain stops.


Sue said...


Sue C said...

Izzy, glad you were able to get out - the toe touque is a great idea!

Jadranka said...

LOL! love it! that is the cutest !

Jo said...

LMAO!!! way too funny!

Kathy said...

LOL, too funny!