Monday, April 13, 2009

Family Time

It all starts on Wednesday... bedsides work I've got a Vancouver Women's Musical Society event, a fundraiser gala at the Four Season's Hotel and..... it's family time!!

Everyone seems to be here all at once this time, I'm not complaining though, I'm excited that I'll have everyone here....I haven't seen much of the family for some time (with the exception of my parents who I went to see in March).

Graham & Trish were visiting Canada last August. I haven't seen my brother and his family since November & Bodo & family we saw last August.

So I'm going to squish in as much visiting time as I can while everyone is in town, most are leaving on Saturday at some point with the exception of Bodo & family, they're doing the Sun Run on Sunday and then heading home to Kelowna afterwards.

So strap on the jet pack, charge up the camera battery & clear the memory card, cause I'm taking family photos this week!!
Mom & DadGraham & Trish Robert, Kerry & Kate Bodo, Rosalie, Erica & Christopher


Wendy said...

Your family is very cute, especially your mom and dad. I can see where you get that terrific smile from!!

Jo said...

oh what a fun week you will have!

Kathy said...

Happy Easter Izzy! Glad you got to spend it with your family!

Sue said...

Have a wonderful week Izzy!

Jadranka said...

everyone looks fantastic ! have a great week izzy!