Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I match the weather....

...today it's grey out and I'm feeling a bit that way myself right now. I recently found out a fellow I had worked with passed away suddenly. He was such a spunky, funny guy! So my mood this morning is matching the weather and why is it that whenever I attend a funeral the skies are grey, it rains and it's cold! I'll be toasting to Greg with a beer later on.

Okay, pick up the ol' boot straps kiddo! time to get on with the rest of the day.

First of all.... congrats to my GF Kathy, she's taken the plunge and signed up with Stampin' Up under our friend Sue! You'll be fantastic at it Kathy! Go check out her recently revamped blog!

Second... congrats to Hayley for putting in a heck of a lot of hard work and organizing the Paper Passion's first online crop! You did a great job!! I was able to pop in and check things out this weekend but not sure how many of the challenges I'll get to finish and upload this week..... it's crazy again!

Third... tick tock tick tock Ann is going to Italy in 23 more days! She's getting pretty darn excited, good thing she's got me to remind her daily how many more days are left! LOL It's killin' her, I tell ya, just killin' her!

Fourth... have been over the Tim's blog lately? OMG! I'm loving his adventures in South Africa.

Fifth... Cosmo Cricket and Tattered Angels have teamed up for the month of May... go check out Trisha's blog to see some great creations and follow the links from her blog! Great stuff!

Sixth.... I'm going away this weekend! Yup it's time, I'm off to Vancouver Island to visit my parents. Mom and I are going to spend Friday together (pre-Mother's Day fun) Dad and I are going on this photography excursion with a group photographing birds of prey! My brother, SIL and Kate will also be stopping in at my parents place on their way to the West Coast so I'll get in a quick visit with them too! I'm taking off Thursday night.... I'll have lots to post on Monday morning.

I'll leave you with a few photos for project 365.

May 1 - I have way too many keys on my keychain, it weighs a ton!

May 2 - The Japanese Maple Trees make a great canopy in the gardens.May 3 - My poor old Claddagh ring is starting to break, time for some jewellery repairMay 4 - Received a lovely letter from cousin Ruth in the post! Thanks Ruth :) I'll write soon ;)


icecheeks said...

Sorry you're feeling down :( I am an Island girl and trust me, a trip to the Island will brighten you right up!

Hayley G said...

Sorry so to hear of your friend, it's always so much more difficult when it's a shock.
I hope you have a real relaxing and spirit lifting weekend!

Jo said...

oh Izzy ... I so sorry for your loss ... and I'm hoping your own skies wont be too grey for too long. Have a wonderful weekend with your family and I cant wait to hear all about your photo shoot!

Jadranka said...

aw i'm sorry to hear about your friend, Izzy. take care ok and have a fabulous weekend with your family. :) it all sounds wonderful.

Sue C said...

Oh Izzy, I am sorry to hear about Greg.

Have a great weekend with your family - I am looking forward to hearing about your photo adventures.

Kathy said...

Sorry to hear about your loss hon. We're never prepared for news like that. Thank you so much for your kind congratulations with my new venture. You're such a good friend! I had a great time over at the Paper Passion this weekend and got a lot done. It was nice to see you there too! Love the idea of Cosmo Cricket and Tattered Angels!! I'm off to check out Trisha's and
Tim's blog now!