Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Ahrenshoop is a municipality on the Fischland-Darss-Zingst peninsula of the Northern Baltic Sea Coast. It used to be a small fishing village, but is today known for its tourism and as a holiday resort.

In 1889 artists & painters "discovered" the village, they were deeply impressed by the landscape and started an artist colony which became increasingly popular. Today Ahrenshoop is known as an "Artist Spa" and a popular place for artists and celebrities.

The Ahrenshoop Art Cottage (Kunstkaten) is one of the oldest art galleries in North Germany.

The Ahrenshoop Art Cottage (Kunstkaten) was opened on the 11th July 1909. The design by the painters Paul Müller-Kaempff and Theobald Schorn for such an "Ahrenshoop cottage - the house for local art and craft" was appreciated by the Prussian prince Eitel Friedrich and his wife, the princess Sophie Charlotte.

I loved this area of Germany.... it was really peaceful along the beaches and full of inspiration and creativity at every turn.


laterg8r said...

beautiful :D

Shell said...

ok - I want ALL those cottages especially that last one - BEYOND cute and adorable!!!

ScrappeeDiane said...

One day I would love to see it IRL. So beautiful.

Jo said...

oh wow, this looks so gorgeous and so serene ... no wonder you want to run right back :)

Sue C said...

I can see myself living in a place like this - no wonder artists are drawn to it.