Thursday, October 08, 2009

Lüneburg - City of Salt

Lüneburg was only about a one hour drive south from the family's home, so Ingrid took me there on a day trip. Salt, "white gold“, made Lüneburg into a rich and powerful city in the middle ages. The saltworks, outputs about 20,000 tons of salt a year, supplying half of Europe.
Everywhere we went there were historical vaults, churches, medieval breweries, restaurants, beer gardens and street cafés. We enjoyed a fantastic day there and I did take a tour of one of the breweries.... are you surprised!?


ScrappeeDiane said...

I love the pig and I'm utterly shocked that you would step foot in a brewery let alone take a tour. ROTFLMAO

Jo said...

only you would take a photo of a beer stein ... and a fancy one too!
the city looks lovely!