Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Food, Great Fun!

DH and I went to his office "New Year" dinner party on Saturday night at Il Nido (downtown at Robson & Thurlow)  The food there is fabulous and we had a great time!

Things are still rather busy, each time I look at my daytimer I just have to ((sigh)) is there any white space to be had? yup, just a few pockets of "free time" here and there.  I'm hoping to free up some time enjoy a few of the "free events" during the Olympics too.... can't miss out on that! the games are just 23 days away....and I've got a couple music concerts coming up next month too!  woo hoo!  one of them is part of the Cultural Olympiad events and I'm really looking forward to it.

To clear up some confusion as well... our original plans for a trek to Thailand/Vietnam were put on hold to another date.  We did go away for Christmas and New Year - to the Dominican Republic - for two weeks of absolutely nothing!  We went to a place called Uvero Alto and hour out of Punta Cana and just had a completely relaxing, re-energizing holiday.  I read several books, swam, snorkeled with sharks & stingrays, ate, danced and generally enjoyed two weeks of someone else doing all the cooking & cleaning.

DH's back/leg/foot situation (who knows what it is!) seems to be on and off these days too.  If he does his stretches and goes into the pool & hot tub to stretch he's pretty good but sitting for any length of time can be a bit of a pain, he's still not able to put his toes down flat on the ground and has this numbness lurking around.  Compared to the intolerable pain he was in (& flat on his back!) he's improved immensely.

I've got some scrapbooking to do! and hope to get a few things done at the Scrapaholics crop this Sunday.  Also on the scrapbooking side of things, 2010 is the year of purging!  I've got so much "stuff" sitting in my scrap area that I've got to do a major reorganization and purging session.  It's out of control! and you all know how I hate that... I am a control freak! LOL


Hayley G said...

Your trip looks divine. Well deserved I'm thinking too.

laterg8r said...

fantastic pics, i am green with envy :D

so glad you had two weeks of "white space" in your planner :D

see ya sunday :D

Jo said...

looks like it was a whole lot of fun!

Jadranka said...

wow your trip sounds amazing - and photos are so pretty .....sorry to hear Norbert's under the weather - his back wasn't out on the trip was it?? we have so much to catch up on when we visit next ..!!