Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm here... really I am!

I am alive and well, just in case you were wondering.  The poor blog has been ignored lately and my friends are giving me some stick about it. To be honest I really haven't had anything exciting to post about, it's all work and general life stuff around here.  Kinda boring really and nobody wants to read a dull blog, I know I don't, so if I haven't got anything to say - I won't blog.

I am going away on a scrapbooking treat next weekend so I'll have photos and lots to say about that.
The Olympics are over, the city is recuperating and cleaning up and.... I'm working, working, working. 

Kate will have a baby brother soon, the countdown is on for the birth of our nephew sometime in April, yes my Brother & SIL wanted to know the sex of the baby and we know it's a boy :)

So with that minor update.... I'm off to work :)


Wendy said...

So glad to hear from you, I thought you ran away and joined the Olympics! LOL

Girl, your life is not boring, you are a very interesting person and I love reading all about the exciting places you visit daily.

Glad to see you back!

Happy Wednesday!

Kathy said...

Good to see you bloggin again Izzy. I wish I was going with you next weekend but I'll be scrappin here at home instead. Can't wait to see your photos. It will be nice for you to get away and do some scrappin for yourself. Have a great time girlfriend and hug all the girls for me that I'm going to miss! Who'll keep them awake at night? lol

laterg8r said...

can't wait to see what you create :D

Sue C said...

A new baby in the family, that's not a minor update! It's more to scrap LOL.

Really looking forward to seeing you at Timberline!