Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Congrats Wendy!

Thanks everyone for playing my little game over Easter, I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.  The RAK winner is Wendy.... congrats! 

Another busy week ahead with work stuff, but I'm really looking forward to the weekend.  I'm going to Timberline Ranch with my Scrapaholic girlfriends to scrapbook.  I'm heading out Friday afternoon and will be home in time for Sunday dinner. 

I spent last night going through "some" of my gear, I've got things organized and packed that I'm going to scrapbook.  Then started to collect scrapbook items for the "garage sale", what started out as a smallish selection, appears to have grown in size - LOL! Out came the old price gun, yes! I have one of those at home from when I was a TLC consultant, and started to price items.  *if you're attending this weekend - there are some awesome bargains to be had!*

Have a great week everyone, I'll have some more to post soon :)


Wendy said...

YEAH ME! Sorry you have to send it so far!

Hope you have a beautiful weekend at the ranch!

Thanks Again {{hugs from afar}}

RAE said...

Have a super time with the girls at the ranch. Hopefully I'll be going to the next one.

Kathy said...

Congrats Wendy! Have a great time at the Ranch girlfriend! Can't wait to see the photos!