Friday, November 05, 2010

Cat Conversation

I love my cat... she's 17 years old, queen bee of the house, needy, loving and has a great personality.  I'm going to share a recent event/conversation with Kashi.  Yes we talk to each other and I know she understands.... her actions prove it! she know exactly what she's doing and how to twist us around her little paw.

Action: - 4:30am Kashi bounds up on the bed (yes at 17 she still can jump up on things)

Action: - bounce from DH pillow to my pillow.... wake up you guys!!

Our Action: - we groan, roll over ...

Conversation: - Kashi, it's only 4:30am, go back to sleep!

Action: - lift the bed covers

Conversation: do you want to curl up in bed?

Action: - there's a pause in her movement, she moves under the covers to curl up.

Action: - 4:45am Kashi wriggles out from under the covers and resumes her position on the pillow at our heads, obviously not wanting to stay curled up under the warm bed covers.

Action - I groan and begin to stroke her behind the ears hoping she'll lay down and go back to sleep.

Action: - Kashi is not having anything to do with this, she begins to gently paw my forehead.... insert a quiet "meow" here while the pawing takes place. As if to say... get up! 

Conversation: Okay, I know you want breakfast, let's go....

Action: - I get up (sometimes DH does) go to the kitchen, Kashi hot on my heals. Open the tin of food, now she's sitting poised at her empty bowl, waiting for her breakfast to magically appear!  Breakfast appears and she begins her "chow fest".  "Enjoy" I say and I go back to bed (sometimes I don't, but this particular morning I did).

Action: - 5am Kashi has finished eating and bounds back onto the bed.... time for a bath!  

Action: - after thoroughly cleaning herself she's back on the pillow.

Conversation: - you know Kashi the sun hasn't come up yet, it's time to go back to sleep, your tummy is full and you've had a bath.  just lay down.

Action: Kashi paws at me again.... as if to say "You're in my spot!" move over".  I move over.... nope not good enough.

Conversation: - what the heck do you want!? my entire side of the bed!

Conversation: - "meow" as if to say "yeah, get out my spot, you've been there long enough!"

Action: I get out of bed.... Kashi, curls up in my warm spot next to DH and proceeds to snore!

Conversation: - DH "where are you going?" Me- "I've been kicked out of bed by the other woman! I'm getting up".

So this sort of "Kitty Mischief" has been going on each morning for the past few weeks and it's wearing thin... really thin I tell ya! 

I'm off to Timberline Ranch for a weekend of scrapbooking and SLEEP! Kashi will be thrilled.... she'll have the entire half of a king sized bed all to herself and DH to pamper her while I'm gone.

Happy Friday Everyone!


Sue said...

hahaha!! Cats rule. Of curse on the weekend she will make DH move around the bed constantly so she can take his warm spots...teehee

Word Verification: DEMIE
as in Kashi saying as she paws your head: "DEMIE my fud!"

Jo said...

it's amazing how we allow our little critters to push us around ... but gosh she is cute ... so she does deserve to rule the roost .... look at how soft and cuddly she is (you know im saying all of this is in a little baby voice, right?) awe cute kitty kashi!!!

Kathy said...

That's such a funny story, reminds me so much of my cat! Although, I don't think I'd be as patient and kind if my cat woke me up at such an ungodly hour! lol Love the photo of her too. Her face is priceless!!!

Sue C said...

Awww...cheeky kitty!