Sunday, January 09, 2011

Feeling "Normal" Again.

"Miss Gimp" (aka me) spent most of the holidays sick in bed.  It started to creep up on Christmas Day.... the nose was running like a faucet.  I needed a cotton plug shoved up my nose to capture the constant flow!  but I felt perfectly fine.

Boxing Day... the flow turned into full blown plugged up congestion.  Oh well it's the holiday, I'm with my family & a little cold is going to get me down.... more hot toddies please! :)

(Seriously... we had a wonderful Christmas with my parents in Qualicum Beach even with my cold starting.)

27th, I have plugged ears, congested, stuffy nose and I'm achy..... march on kiddo, you're going home to Vancouver today.

28th, I spent the day sleeping in bed and watching mindless TV while curled up on the sofa, by body is starting to feel like I was run over by a train.

29th, the fever kicks in, I can't get up or move too fast, everything is dizzy and spinning, I've changed my sweat soaked PJ's twice before lunch! this is not good!

30th, I think I'm feeling better... yeah right! I actually get dressed today and try to putz around the house, yeah no, this isn't working for me.  Sit down and rest!

31st, Cabin Fever has hit! and it's gorgeous outside, I need to clear the cobwebs off my body and clear my head, perhaps fresh air will help.  DH and I took a stroll, we're holding hands, isn't that sweet?.... I suspect deep down, he's terrified I might fall over so he's only holding my hand in case he needs to prevent a fall or haul me up quickly! LOL Just Kidding... we're hand holders at all times ;)  NY Eve, was spent quietly at home with DH, we had to opt out of the party at Ann's place, I just couldn't manage it.

January 1, 2011 - it's a New Year! and I spent the entire day in bed! didn't move, didn't open the curtains, nada, just drank fluids, ate a little food and read my Kobo, napped and basically was a giant lump of nothing. 

January 2nd, this is getting ridiculous.... get your arse out of bed time and   tackle something, anything! for goodness sakes this has gone on long enough!  so that's what I did and I've had a pretty good week and am feeling more like myself again.

So with that little episode over and done with, it's time to forge ahead with 2011.  I don't make resolutions....but I do have a list of reasonable goals to strive for during 2011.  No pressure, no time limits.... just a list of things I'd like to accomplish, if it happens, it happens, if not.... there's always next year!


Sue said...

Ahh..Izzy..thats enough already. New year..healthy year right?
The flu was a doozie..I started at the beginning of December and am still coughing away a month later :-(
I chuckled when you said DH was holding your hand to stop you from falling LOL...
Take care, I'll be having you & the girls over to the new house soon! said...

I am glad to hear you are feeling better, I get sick every other christmas and this was the every other. Not near as bad as you have had it. Seems everyone got sick this year!

Time to get back at it and take it one day at a time!!

Sue C said...

Awww... it's great to read good news on your blog!

Things will get better from here, looking forward to seeing you soon, Miss Gimpy!

laterg8r said...

so glad you are finally feeling better - cute pic :D