Monday, March 28, 2011

Paper, Ink, Rubber, and Friends.....

Sunday was stamp club at Sue's place.  I was up before the birds...even on a holy Sunday I just can't manage to sleep in! So I got to work (so to speak).

I made a banana/cranberry loaf to share with the ladies at club... we gobbled it up with lovely latte's that Sue made us. 
Banana/Cranberry loaf fresh from the oven
I "played" in my scrap area (excuse the mess!) before getting ready to head out.  Kathy picked me up first and then we headed out to pick up SooZeeQue on our way.  Carpooling with my scrappy buddies is great!

Excuse the mess!
We created three lovely cards! and had a marvelous time!  Thanks Sue :)
I really like this sentiment, I've been struggling to create something for a dear friend of my parents, this is it!

I'm really loving these big flowers!!

Something a little different, I need to work on using this embellishment!

Then it was time for work! LOL just kidding, it wasn't work at all, it was lending a helping hand and as we all know, many hands makes for light work.  Kathy, SooZeeQue and I had offered help Sue get some things organized and made for the upcoming Timberline Retreat.  After a "few scheduling changes", we finally decided that since we were coming to club on Sunday that it was best to just continue our day at Sue's and "Get Er Done!"

We had some great fun, creative opinions shared and some giggles too!  Sue...Thanks for the great lunch, fun day and the whole ball of wax ;)

I'm getting really excited about Timberline Ranch!!! It's only 10 days away!  and I've been spending some time in my 'scrappy area' trying to get kits organized.  I've got photos ordered, now to pick them up and start kitting.

If you're interested to know more about the Timberline Ranch Weekend Retreat and want to go..... LMK!  I can put you in touch with Sue! we'd love to have you there! it's the best and we're all friendly and helpful..... really.... we don't bite!


Jo said...

I love that big flower! is that a die cut?
It sounds like you all had a wonderfully fun day!

Sue said...

It was a really lovely day! Thank you sooo much for your assistance! You guys rocked the prep work. The banana/cranberry bread was yummy!!!

Sue C said...

A great time was had by all - we made lovely cards, and got most of 'er done! Thanks for the ride Kathy, and the great food Sue and all the giggles... :)