Sunday, April 24, 2011

Warning!! A Week's Worth.....

Not sure where the time goes really... I'm just stunned that April is almost over and a week today is already May 1st! Wasn't it just Christmas?

So here's what I was up to in the past week, sorry it's a bit of a long post but I thought I'd better get caught up before Ann gives me heck for not updating my blog! LOL

Saturday April 16 - Stamp Club at Sue's place.... had a great day creating some fun cards!

Sunday April 17 - Brunch with SooZeeQue and a lovely afternoon of music at St. Philips Church listening to Musica Intima sing Where there's a Will there's a Way.  Songs based on William Shakespeare's work. Fabulous!!

Monday April 18 - Birthday celebration with Penn - my feet feel marvelous and I'm sporting a funky new spring color on my toenails.  My toes are the teal colored ones!

Tuesday  April 19 - organize, purge, wash and iron the spring/summer clothes. I made a huge mess in the bedroom getting all the winter clothes packed up and getting all the spring/summer clothes out!

Wednesday April 20 - Vancouver Women's Music Society Recital at the Unitarian Church.  SooZeeQue and I heard to three young performers who are definitely destined for greatness in the music world!

  Thursday April 21 - Sorted and organized my cards...finally! the one thing that was driving me crazy, not being able to put my hands on the right type of card without having to flip through them all at one time.  I bought a card holder from Michaels and got busy!
I also received a wonderful surprise in the mail on Thursday, a friend of my mom's sent me an Easter wish "just because" it's a lovely cross-stitched book mark.

Friday April 22 - Day of rest... sort of.  Laundry, groceries and some general puttzing around.

Saturday April 23 - Went to see Diane's son Michael play baseball! it was a lovely sunny afternoon for the game, a little cool at times when the wind picked up but it was fun and really nice to watch the kids play ball.

On top of everything that's been happening, DH has been at home sick in bed with a really nasty flu since last Saturday.  He's had it all.... from headaches, fever, sweats, cough, congestion and just plain ol' general miserableness.  He's slowly on the mend, and I've been making sure he takes his meds, eats and drinks fluids.  You know it's bad when he actually stays home from work a whole week! 

I received a package of Websters Pages goodies too this week.... I have a plan for these!  It's a surprise you'll have to wait and see.....

And that brings us to today! Happy Easter Sunday!


Jo said...

sounds like a busy but fun filled week!

Helen said...

Sure does sound busy!!! Great projects Izzy!