Friday, July 22, 2011

Busy Days of Summer

It has been a busy summer so far and it will continue to be filled with summer fun, friends and family!

My brother and his family arrived safely in Halifax and are staying in a lovely condo (apparently right on the harbour with a fantastic view, boardwalk, swimming pool, AC and all the amenities) Their furniture is on route so it's a waiting game for them before they can really settle down.  It sounds as though my brother's new job is going well, it's only the 1st week, but so far his boss held a welcome reception and they've been out golfing! Hmmmm, is this the gently ease in? LOL

We're enjoying dinner parties with friends, catching up and celebrating birthdays.  Today our niece and nephew from Kelowna arrive for a 5 day visit.  The weather is improving and I hope it stays nice!  Looking forward to some fun in the sun with the kids. 

Mom and dad will be arriving on August 4th for a visit, the following day, Graham and Trish arrive from England for their month long holiday in Canada.  Another house full for a few days! 

Love these "paper" strawberries! saw them on a german friends' blog :)

Hope you're enjoying your summer... I'll have some updates and photos after the kids leave :)

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Jo said...

sounds like a whole lot of fun, love the strawberries ... they look like they could also be done in orange as those "paper lantern" flowers that come out in the fall ... gorgeous work!!!