Thursday, July 07, 2011

Diddly Doots and Doodles

Let me state a well know fact about me... I can NOT draw!  I just don't have that type of "artistic flair" within in me, I wish I could draw, really I do! but I'm one of those "creative" types that when I draw something, it is unrecognizable, a mystery, a big guess on the part of anyone looking at anything I draw, in other words..... my 5 year old niece can draw better than me! at least you know what she's drawn on the page.

I've been trying to get that side of my brain working more creativly, so I started doodling in my Smash Journal.  The first attempt - well let's just say it's pre-schoolish at best! but I'm doodling!!  I'm creating what I've termed "Diddly Doots and Doodles" in my journal.  It's practice and I can do whatever strikes my fancy at the time and who knows, maybe over time I'll start drawing something recognizable.  Yeah right!

Remember Doodle Art? those amazing black and white poster creations you bought in a tube that came with colored pens for you to color in.... I personally liked them just as they were, in good ol' black and white! I used to love spending time, just looking at the details in the drawings.  I saw some Doodle Art in town this week and they're apparently "back in fashion".  They're at Chapters.... check it out! 

*DH - note... fun Bday idea* LOL


Jo said...

just keep playing and it will all come together!

ScrappeeDiane said...

I loved Doodle Art, thanks for the memories. Great idea to doodle in your Smash Journal, I'm going to practice too.