Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lending a helping hand & visiting

I arrived home last night from Victoria.  I went over to visit my brother and family to lend a helping hand....mainly look after the kids while my brother & SIL got some tasks done before the move.  All hands on deck as they say!  Mom and dad arrived yesterday to take over looking after the kids and to help out.

I learned a few things about what can't be packed for a cross Canada move....the rep from the moving company came by with a list.  So there were a few "new chores" added to the already long list that they have!  I didn't realize that the movers won't pack my brother passed along some bottles to us and is hoping to pack his precious wine in one of their suitcases.  No nail polish remover, aerosols, garden fertilizer, propane tanks etc... So Kerry had to go through all the cupboards and has passed along things to mom, me friends and neighbors.   The kids outside toys had to be dismantled, BBQ had to be burned off and my brother had to dispose of the propane tank.  The car had to be emptied, roof rack taken off etc. and they're only allowed to have 1/4 of a tank of gas in it before the car gets put on the transport train. They had put a few items on Craigs list, so people popped by on Saturday morning to load up their trucks, and a slatted bed frame had to be dismantled and delivered to a friend.

There's still a few things for them to do before the packers arrive this week but I think they've got it under control.  Imagine this scene next week at the airport.....two adults, two children, one stroller, two car seats, suitcases, dog, cat, giant dog crate, cat crate and play back packs for entertaining the kids on the plane.... man alive!  My brother has had to rent a van to get everything into a vehicle just to get to the airport.

Here are a few photos ....
Private ballet recital

It's fun to play during breakfast!

Impressionist art by a 4 year old!!

Making banana muffins

No training wheels!

Dismantling the play castle

Kate took my picture!


Shell said...

HA!! I know their pain - try moving across the world!

Jo said...

This seems to be happening all so quickly ... i really feel for your parents, they are going to miss their grandbabies fiercely ... great shot of you by Kate!

Helen said...

This explains where you have been Izzy! We miss you at SOS!!! (you too Jo!)