Friday, August 12, 2011

Family & Friends

I've been busy with friends and family these past couple of weeks.  As you've seen in my previous posts, we had the kids for 5 days, then I celebrated Sue C.'s birthday....I continued with the celebrations and visits.

On August 1st I had a wonderful lunch with Jo , after lunch we wandered into a couple of cool consignment shops on Main Street :) I wish we had more time! I could have spent hours in those shops searching for treasures.
On August 4th my parents also happened to be my mom's birthday that day!  We took my parents out to dinner in Yaletown that evening.
I made mom an altered cigar box with some all occasion cards to match..... she really liked it!
Mom made some "just because" gifts for me.  Two lovely lavender sachets and a jewellery bag.... I love them!  The perfect compliment to the lovely travel kit mom made me awhile back.

Graham and Trish arrived from England on August 5th ... they brought me some treats too :)  My absolute favorite, Minstrels! and a really unique set of measuring cups.  Norbert got some great CD's.

My birthday celebrations started early.  Mom and I went shopping for a new rain coat - I desperately needed a new waterproof coat.  So mom, dad and Norbert all pitched in and I've got a new coat! (sorry no picture yet)  Graham and Trish brought me a lovely piece of jewellery, it's a scarf ring.  It's made with Blue John Stone, it's a the rarest natural formation in the British Isles and was discovered nearly 2000 years ago by the Romans - anyways.... they brought me this lovely gift from Derbyshire. The stone is set in a ring of silver and is a lovely deep maroon/black with flecks of white. (picture coming).

We did the usual touring around Vancouver, Granville Island, downtown, Olympic Village, rides on the Aqua Bus etc.  it's been all go around here.  Graham and Trish have been pounding the pavement...literally...Trish came home one afternoon and let's just say it pained me to see the soles of her feet!  Foot bath and a glass of wine was in order!

I had a wonderful birthday celebration with Diane this week... we went for a drink at the Lennox and dinner at Zefferelli's.  Diane made me a wonderful mini album of our trip to Portland OR and found this amazing handmade paper journal too!  Thanks Diane!

That's what I've been up too.  Hope you're enjoying your summer!  We're off to the China Town night market tonight :)


Jo said...

oh what fun you are having! and you have gotten a lot of wonderful prezzies!!!

Shelley Moore said...

Oh Izzy - you look so much like your mother... both of you just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Wendy said...

Thank you so much for always leaving me sweet comment on my blog, you always have something nice to say. Sorry I don't always comment, I'll have to start doing better. ((Hugs))

I love your pictures with your mom. The gifts you all give and get are so unique and special. I love that!