Sunday, September 04, 2011

The fruits of labour

It is harvest time here at the homestead in Grossenaspe....apples, more apples, plums, more plums.  I was up on the ladder at 6:30am on Saturday picking plums before breakfast.  After breakfast I had to clean and depit the plums.... we ´put loads into the freezer and I kept out some fresh and baked a pflaumenn kuchen (plum cake).  I also made an apple crumble, the rest of the apples are made into fresh apple juice!  There's nothing like fresh juice and fresh fruit right off the tree.

This morning Lars and I were up at 6am and went to the forest mushroom picking.  Fresh forest mushrooms smell so good....just like hazel nuts!  We had breakfast when we got home at 9am and then I got things underway to prepare our Sunday Dinner... I cooked for the entire family this afternoon.  90% of the fresh! including the eggs from a neighbour.  Fresh pasta with homemade vegetable sauce, fresh caesar salad, including the dressing and handmade bread rolls.  Followed by...plum cake!  We're stuffed!!

The weather has been nice, sort of muggy tonight, we're in for a thunder storm.  It's been on average 25 to 26 C during the day and cools right down at night to 10C.

Well that's it for now... I'm off to digest and rest :)


Sue in Canada said...

Sounds yummy Izzy! Can you share your Pflaume Kuchen recipe wiht me? I loved that when I lived there..and would love to make one too :-)
Don't forget to come home...

Kathy said...

Wow! Sounds like you are having an absolutely fabulous time! So happy for you! Enjoy every moment!

Sue C said...

Oh yummy, I can just imagine how wonderful the kitchen smelled !