Sunday, September 18, 2011

Photos of photos

There are quite a few old photos in frames around and about the ol' homestead in Grossenaspe.  Unfortunately, no one has a scanner and I looked into have copies made...that's just not happening! it's so expensive and there are way too many photos, not to mention the time it would take to remove and replace all of them in the frames.  So I tried to take photos of the photos - just so that I could have a record of them for Norbert and I.  Here's a sample :)

I'm not sure how these will look when I get them developed - hopefully they'll be okay - if not - it's back to the drawing board!

The next project.... Ingrid has several boxes of old family photos from Oma Lisa that need organizing... that's going to be a HUGE task...when I say boxes, I don't mean small photo storage boxes, I'm talking large packing boxes full of photos!  I'm saving this for my next trip - it will be the Family History Holiday! LOL I can just see myself now, happier that a pig in poop, surrounded by photos, organizing my little heart out and solving the mysteries of who's who in the photos. Just to add some more "fun" to the project, I can see myself going around taking photos of the places they were born, the houses they lived in etc.
Oh god....someone stop me now before I create a monster! LOL


Jo said...


Kathy said...

Sounds like a wonderful time Izzy! I see several little minis in your future! ;)

Sue in Canada said...

Hmmm..I think you need to buy a scanner for Germany you crazy girl!
When are you home?

Sue C said...

Sounds like a wonderful project - who knows what you will discover?