Wednesday, November 02, 2011

8 Saturdays until Christmas!

Yes, you read that right! there are only 8 Saturdays left until Christmas, here we are in November already!
I am well ahead of the game this year....seriously, if you think I was organized in past years, this years' organizational skills will make your head spin!

  • The parcel to Germany was shipped on October 24th :)  
  • I have the shopping all done for the parcels to be shipped to Halifax and Kelowna.  Those will go in the mail on Monday.
  • I have made 60.... yes 60! Christmas cards, the mailing labels are done and I just have to write in the cards, stamp them and send them off. They'll be in the mail box on December 1st!
  • Stocking stuffers for my parents.... well on the way to being almost finished.
  • The gifts for DH...done! yes sweetie, I'm finished shopping for are you making out with your shopping? LOL
  • The ferry reservations to Vancouver Island have been made.
  • The holiday menu is prepared (mom and I are splitting the grocery list).
  • The holiday decorating will take place on December 2nd.
  • Holiday baking....that will happen on a continuous basis during December...I have to spread this out, otherwise all the goodies will be baked and eaten before the holidays even start!
This weekend I'm off to Timberline Ranch Retreat and will work on a couple of gifts for friends, xmas tags (I need a few more, the stash is running low) and some VIP xmas cards.

The social calendar for December is filling up nicely, my annual traditions will carry on (watch my blog for updates and photos of the seasonal fun). Hey Ann! check the calendar so we can book our peanut brittle night!!

I'm on a roll baby!  How are your holiday preparations going?

Here's a vintage tag for you all :)


Shell said...

this is me - giving you a good slap - you smarty pants LOL

Iris B said...

wow your good. I am finally starting to think about the holidays and printed my lables for the Christmas cards....that's it for now...LOL

ScrappeeDiane said...

Shell makes me laugh. Love that tag, hope it is on my gift. Hee Hee!!! I'm getting organized too. My Christmas Journal is updated with fresh blank pages and the ink has attacked them already. The lists are growing and shopping has begun. The cards are all made or bought [Hubby found a great set of cards created by a local artist]except for a few VIP ones. The calendar is filling up with lots of fun outings with family and friends. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Enjoy the season Izzy. :)

Sue in Canada said...

I would say I have 50% of the gifts purchased (Thanks Iris for the Silpada orders...they always help LOL)
I have my cards designed..and hopefully completed this weekend at TR. I have already bought lots of new decorations for the new house..and I am on the hunt for an artificial beige tree for the front hall..I know..sounds yucky but it will be perfect...will go with white otherwise. The old real traditional tree will be in the family room with all the family decorations on it...FA LA LA!!!

Kathy said...

You are one amazing woman Izzy!!!dont know how you do it! Oh wait, yes I do, you NEVER sleep! Lol