Sunday, January 08, 2012

Practice Photos

I thought I'd share some practice photos I took over the holidays with the new macro lens.  I've found that using it on manual works best for me, the photos taken on automatic just don't seem to have the right "feel" to me.  I'm going to be playing some more with the camera over the next few weeks and can't wait for spring to arrive.... there will be a lot of macro shots outdoors when the weather improves.
Christmas Cracker

Ah Nuts!

My embroidery

Mom's embroidery

Paper weight

Pin Cushion


ScrappeeDiane said...

Great photos, I'm so jealous, I want a Macro lens too. Can't wait to see more. Keep on playing...

Kathy said...

Wow! Great photos Izzy! Your mom's 3 dimensional embroidery is stunning! Yours is beautiful too, let's see more!

Sue C said...

Beautiful shots Izzy!

laterg8r said...

that christmas cracker looks like its made of fabric, looooving that paper weight - very cool pics :D