Friday, August 31, 2012

Another year, Another number

It's been "a tad" busy since my last post - but I have friends out there who remind me often that I haven't posted on my blog recently and are anxiously awaiting the "next installment" here on the Passion Scrapper blog.  So without further ado, here's an update.

I recently celebrated my birthday, yup another year has whizzed on by and I'm another number older.... and most of you celebrated with me in one way or another!  The celebrating started well before the "actual" day and carried on for a week, more to follow in the next couple of weeks too.

Sue and Richard hosted a lovely dinner at their home (Diane was there too!) and both Sue C and myself enjoyed a lovely meal, friends, laughs and birthday cake.

Iris and I squeezed in a visit after work at the RiverRock - nibbles and cocktails on the patio.
(poo forgot to take a photo!)

Helen and Ann treated me to a wonderful evening at the Palisades Restaurant at the Pan Pacific and spoiled me rotten.  The pastry chef sent me his award winning dessert to celebrate too, the three of us devoured it!

Graham and Trish spent the last few days of their holiday with us in Vancouver before flying home to the UK.  We had a nice visit and they took me out  to the Sandbar for a seafood dinner to celebrate my birthday.

Bodo, Rosalie, Christopher and Erica arrived immediately after Graham and Trish went home. We had a short weekend visit with them and a family dinner out for my birthday.

 I had coffee with Kathy - the morning of my birthday! I was her photo of the day :) LOL

Sue C took me to The Boathouse at Kits Beach - it was another sunny day, beautiful view and an amazing "Linner" (late lunch early dinner).

Diane and I sat out on the patio at the Hurricane Grill enjoying the sunshine, beers and food.  Good people and dog watching too! (another "Linner"

Jo and I are scheduled for brunch soon.... watch for the upcoming photo :)

Thank you everyone for the wonderful time spent together helping me celebrate my birthday - all the cards, best wishes and gifts are beautiful.  My bday celebration with DH is a whole separate for it :)

DH and I also celebrated our wedding anniversary - we had a lovely evening out.

DH and I also redecorated our bedroom - we bought a new bedroom suite!  So the old bedroom got packed up (thanks Diane for the boxes!), the old furniture was put on Craig's list (gone immediately! I love Craig's list), the carpets were cleaned, pictures taken down, walls washed and we were prepped and ready to roll. there's still a couple of things left to do, but that will have to get finished in early September.
We went from this - giant king sized bed.....
To this.... comfy queen sized bed

So it's been a busy time around here - it's the last long weekend of the summer - kids are heading back to school and Fall is closing in on us rather quickly - I'm preparing for my trip with Sue to Hilton Head and Savannah - then it's Thanksgiving....then.....Oh yeah baby, bring it on! Christmas will be here!

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Jo said...

both dresses look great on you ... so happy that you found that second dress! and the new bedroom looks fab!!!