Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Hirschaid Germany - Friends

I hadn't been to Hirschaid Germany since February 2007, I was there for Ingrid and Hansi's birthday celebrations and I could not believe that 5 years had gone by... it was so nice to see everyone again! 

Ingrid and I stayed with Hansi and Marianne for 6 days, Hirschaid was "home base" for us and is only 8 km outside of the old city of Bamberg.  Julia and Bertyl live just around the corner from the Theil's and are long time friends, so we had plenty of visiting time with everyone.  It was so wonderful, Hansi and Marianne took Ingrid and I on some pretty amazing tours, the  Bamberg Bundesgartenschau, a wine festival, the Bamberg Zauberfest and much more!  Even some pretty nice drives in the countryside at night.

This is my quick page of my first evening at Hansi and Marnianne's home.  BTW - did I mention that none of them speak English! it took me a couple of days to get Hansi to switch from speaking Frankish (a German dialect in the south) and get him to speak "north german", something I could at least understand! LOL

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Jo said...

my goodness, back and scrapping!!! you will have these pages done in no time!