Friday, October 05, 2012

Adventures of Sue and Izzy - Day 1

We had an early start on Sept.27th - we met at YVR at 4:30am for our 6am flight.
1st stop Chicago.... we had time for lunch before connecting for our flight to Savannah.  We munched on vegetarian pizza and sipped on Corona.  Then we're off to Savannah!

We were all bussed to the hotel in Hilton Head, about an hour's drive from the airport.  Arrived and settled in, grabbed a bite to eat (yummy fish tacos! and Palmetto Beer, a local South Carolina brew) and then Sue had her card swap with SU.  Which we were finishing off on our flight to Chicago! LOL people thought we were nuts, card making on the plane :)


Lights out at 11pm, we were pooped!

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Jo said...

those SU: girls can make cards anywhere!!! lol!