Saturday, November 03, 2012

Another week gone by....

This past week was the first week without mum here since my surgery and I have to say I did very well and I behaved....  Are you shocked and amazed?  I had visitors planned for each day, then creating/play time with my paper crafts and some rest/nap time! 

3 weeks today I came home from hospital.... and so far so good.  Everything is going well and I see the surgeon/doctor again on November 19th.  I hope to get the "thumbs up" to start driving again and maybe she will increase the weight limit I'm allowed to lift, currently, nothing over 5 lbs, maybe she'll move me up to 10 lbs :)

I've been also organizing/planning my paper craft gear and projects to pack up for the Rosemary Heights Retreat next weekend!  I'm excited :)  I'm really looking forward to spending a fun and creative weekend with my girlfriends.

Have a great weekend! and happy Mouvember! LOL

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Jo said...

lmao! great photo!