Friday, January 04, 2013

Ready to Create

I spent some time moving furniture and reorganizing my "creative play zone".  I have a clothe grocery bag and a box of stuff ready for an upcoming garage sale! woo hoo :) 

Boy it feels good to have some room to move! it's amazing how moving furniture around can open up a small space.  And believe me, this space is small.... I somehow just couldn't convince my husband to move out of the office so that I could take it over as a craft room.... go figure? LOL

I didn't want to spend money on new furniture to fit into this space, I wanted to use what I already have, so
I "stole" the white pantry cupboard for my Stampin' Up storage and moved our pantry items to the lower half of the Ikea shelving unit.  I moved my desk from in front of the window to the wall/window (still loads of light!) and this made room for me to put a small table in the window for my tools, tool bag, big shot etc. Everything else is about the same with the Ikea storage drawers :) It's not pretty, but it's functional!

Someday I'll have my "dream" room to create in, but for now, I'm happy and I'll be merrily crafting away in my "new" space.



Jo said...

looks fabulous Izzy, creating!!!

ScrappeeDiane said...

Looking good, Ready, Set, Create!

Kathy said...

Awesome! Doesn't it feel good? Can't wait to see what you create in your tidy new space :)