Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Summer Digs

Our nephew Christopher has landed a 4 months co-op job in Vancouver, so this past weekend we took him "hunting" for accommodation - May 1st - August 31st.
Man alive! we saw some pretty grungy places and we saw some really nice places too, what got me though was the number of people that cram themselves into 550 sq ft of space.  Once place we went to, there were two guys already there, one had a bedroom in the "den", the other made the living room into his bedroom and Chris would be renting the "bedroom". - no living space at all! he'd be stuck in his room.  Don't get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the potential roommates or the apartment, it was just very close quarters!!
We did manage to find him a really funky 2 bedroom basement suite, he has his own room, living room, kitchen, insuite laundry and a lovely back garden to sit out in if he wants.  His room mate is going to Australia May - early July, so he'll have the digs all to himself for two out of the four months.  it's perfect! and the bus stop is 1/2 block away from the house and goes direct to his office.  Fully furnished, so he only has to bring his personal belongings. SCORE!

On the reno front of things, it seems to have come to a halt.  There's been a problem in the guest bathroom, the plumbers snapped the pipe and shower head off in behind our shower stall. NOT good!

That was last Wednesday, nothing has been done since then.  However, today the tiler is supposed to be here with the plumber to fix that shower and then we have to wait for the inspection before they can continue.

The guys that are doing the mudding, drywall and painting are behind 10 days, so instead of a target date of April 19th for completion it's now April 29th. ((sigh))

On the good side, the new bathroom fixtures are great! and we have been able to put the kitchen back together.

Baby steps! LOL


Jo said...

what fabulous news for Christopher ... you on the other hand, what a string of bad luck ... i hope it picks up soon! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Kathy said...

Sounds like Christopher really did score a great place! Hope your renos pick up again soon and they finish up fast! Glad to hear you have your kitchen and bathroom again!