Friday, April 26, 2013

The End is Near!

No, not the end of the world.... the end of my renovations and plumbing retrofit! Yippee!!!
Since my last update here's what has happened, they finished the plumbing and repaired the snapped pipe and shower head in my bathroom, new fixtures have been installed, they did the boarding (replacing the walls they ripped out) mudding, sanding, Wednesday they primed and began painting.  The final painting was finished Thursday and all that's left is to reinstall the bathroom mirrors and some fixtures.
By the weekend things should be all ready for me to delve into spring cleaning.
The project list is large.... actually huge! but it has to be done.  I'm away at the Paper Angel's Retreat this weekend with my friends doing some scrapbooking so spring cleaning will wait until next week.  Monday - carpet cleaning!

A few snippets of  the goings on in my life recently.  The VWMS concert was on the 17th - Evanna Chiew was lovely and sang like an angel!

April 18th Dianne, Ann and I went to a reception and dance concert at the Scotia Dance Centre.  Speaking in Ligeti, choreographed by Martha Carter.  Before hand I met Diane after work - yes that is Diane trying on shoes!.....again!! LOL  The three of us had "Happy Hour" before heading to the reception and show. The performance was spectacular, I really enjoyed the night. Check out the review in the Georgia Straight
I met Sue F for a cup of yummy coffee in Kerrisdale at Faubourg Paris - a very French Bistro, it was lovely.  And German classes still take place every Wednesday night and we're having a lot of fun!  Some of the class went to a fabulous, but sad, German film, called WunderKinder.
Check out the YouTube trailer - WunderKinder Trailer 

Last night I took Jo to the Kokeshi Project - at the Nikkei National Museum - it was their 5th annual art auction fundraiser and they were auctioning off 100 artist designed custom kokeshi – traditional wooden dolls first developed in the Tohoku region of Japan in the 1700s.  It was really cool! Some of the dolls were so amazing!

 And there you have it folks! The happenings of late.... I'll post more next week after the retreat and as spring cleaning gets underway.
Enjoy your weekend!

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