Monday, May 27, 2013

Busy and fun weekend!

It was an "all go" busy weekend.  Friday night we went to visit Rob and Ann - the four of us went out on "Barnacle" (the boat) and headed down to Ladner for dinner at a great pub on the river.  We had a great time and ended up singing the night away and crashing at the Mennies home.

Saturday evening Diane and I went to a R & B Dance Party for Marta Marta at the CBC studios. The band was great, the dancing was fun and we had a blast. Coming home from the event was a laugh... but that's a whole other story! LOL  We had a sleep over party, so Diane could enjoy the evening out and not worry about the long drive home.  

On Sunday we went with our nephew Christopher to see the new Star Trek movie and went to Pacifico for pizza afterwards.  

And that's it folks.... a busy but fun weekend!

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ScrappeeDiane said...

That was fun...glad there are no pics posted. LOL