Friday, July 26, 2013

Weary Travellers - 14 hours late

Graham and Trish finally arrived after a very long journey.  They were due to arrive at 9:00pm Wednesday night but due to flight delays at London Heathrow the flight did not arrive until 11:45 am Thursday.
Poor things.... all that waiting around and then they had to overnight in a hotel in Toronto (missed connection) before they could board a flight in the morning to make their way to Vancouver.
I met them after work at Granville Island for a drink :)
On another note, I was so excited yesterday when I was walking down to the waterfront to meet my cousin, I saw a "pop up" Nivea Haus in a parking lot.  Lots of product display and a free bag of samples!!  My first question to them, when are they going to open a Nivea Haus in Vancouver! No one knew the answer :(

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